Ultra violet technology

Explore Ultraviolet technology across the full spectrum of UVA, UVB, and UVC

The expertise of Photonis, part of Exosens, in the field of ultraviolet (UV) technology leads to innovative and high-performance solutions. Ultraviolet, or UV, refers to a wavelength range below 400 nm, shorter than the visible wavelength.

The UV spectrum is typically divided into three regions: UVA, UVB, and UVC, each exhibiting distinct characteristics that demand specific technologies to capture and analyze their unique properties. UVA spans from 320 nm to 400 nm, UVB ranges from 280 nm to 320 nm, and UVC extends below 280 nm to 200 nm.

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Photonis manufactures and sells technologies in the field of photo-detection and low light conditions imaging.

Ultra violet as a technology

UV technology

The UV imaging is a cutting-edge technology that delves into this specific UV spectrum, enabling us to capture and visualize the unseen phenomena as it is beyond the range of human vision. 

In the UV imaging, The UVA and UVB are the typical wavelengths captured to image the UV photons. While most of the UVC is hindered by the atmosphere. Due to this fact, having a high sensitive imager is essential to detect UV signals.


Advanced Features of Photonis UV Camera

Photonis developed the UV camera with ultra high sensitivity based on intensification technology. Thanks to our image intensifier tube and sensitive CMOS sensor, Photonis UV camera boasts the high-sensitivity ensuring a clear UV imaging with very low UV signals.

Exosens - Ultra Violet technology
Exosens - Ultra Violet technology

High QE Photocathode

Equipped with high quantum efficiency (QE) photocathode, the Photonis UV camera ensures the intensification of the UV photons several thousands times higher before it reaches the CMOS sensor. This results in  much clear image with very low UV signals, which is important for inspection or monitoring application.


Smart Tube Management (SMT)

Photonis exclusively developed the Smart Tube Management (SMT) feature to ensure the preservation of signal transmission from the image intensifier tube to the CMOS sensor. This meticulous design minimizes unnesesary loss and optimizes image output for demanding applications, ensuring reliable and reproducible image.

Exosens - Ultra Violet technology
Exosens - Ultra Violet technology

Easy to Integrate

Recognizing the unique requirements of each application, Photonis UV camera is engineered for adaptability within standard OEMs imaging systems. Making it possible to seamlessly integrate the camera.

In a landscape where precision is paramount, Photonis UV camera redefines the standards of UV imaging technology. 


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