Solutions for defense & surveillance, lifescience & environment, Industrial control and nuclear

Today, Photonis brand of Exosens, is actively committed to provide new solutions to meet customer needs, offering a wide range of products in defense & surveillance, lifescience & environment, Industrial control and nuclear.

With over 85 years of experience, Photonis brand is a leading manufacturer of electro-optical technologies used in the detection and amplification of ions, neutrons, electrons, and photons across various sectors.

Photonis brand focuses on mission-critical components for highly demanding customers, innovating and engineering quality products integrated into various applications, including night vision, machine vision, mass spectrometry, semiconductor inspection, and more.

Photonis designs and manufactures in several facilities across the globe and works with its customers to continually improve and innovate their products. Photonis is the most widely deployed night vision tube globally, leads the mass spectrometer detector market, and has products installed in most space telescopes and high-energy physics experiments in laboratories around the world.

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Photonis manufactures and sells technologies in the field of photo-detection and low light conditions imaging.

Exosens - Photonis Brand


Image Intensifier Tubes are opto-electronic vacuum devices that amplify very low levels of light into visible levels for the human eye. Intensified devices such as goggles or weapon sights provide night vision capabilities for detection, recognition, and unmatched identification. Enhancements of soldiers' tactical situational awareness, agility and mobility, targeting capabilities and/or driving vehicles by darker and darker nights have become possible with advanced Image Intensifier Tube technology.

Thanks to high resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, Photonis' 4G and 4G+ image intensifier tubes reveal more details by night and offer extended range capabilities for current Night Vision devices. The Auto-Gating function constantly operates to improve the quality of the image under dynamic lighting conditions, such as military operations in the desert or urban terrains which define many of today's missions. We continue innovating in night vision technology with the successful introduction of products like the ONYX intensifier tube, providing a natural black and white image (yellow/green being the standard color), and the iCMOS, the coupling of an image intensifier tube with a CMOS sensor (by coupling these two an image intensifier tube becomes digital) for soldier modernization programs, providing real-time digital video images using very low power.

Research & Developement

Photonis' R&D, Engineering, and Program Management teams work every day on their current product line, as well as innovative new technologies and solutions.

These developments are extremely important to ensure customers with the best products possible.


As a global manufacturer of electro-optic components used in the detection and amplification of ions, electrons and photons, Photonis is focused on mission critical components aimed at highly demanding customers.

Our exceptional know-how and high technical standards, as well as the diversity of our business activities, are key factors in the continued development of our competitiveness in a global market.

Photonis' expert teams are mobilized every day to meet the technical challenges of tomorrow in the fields of Defense & Security, Nuclear Instrumentation, Life science and Industrial & Non-Destructive Testing.

Exosens - Know How
Exosens - Defense & Surveillance - Night vision

Defense & Surveillance

In the field of defense, security, and surveillance markets, Photonis offers a broad range of products for portable targeting equipment, aiming solutions for armored vehicles, and defense platforms. In Night vision solutions, Photonis is renowned for its expertise in 4G and 4G+ light intensifier tubes, considered the highest performing in their category. This technology has become a benchmark for French and allied special forces. In digital vision solutions, Photonis provides UV intensified cameras capable of detecting and visualizing signals ranging from 200 to 400 nm, used in Missile Warning System Additionally, Photonis' range of visible and near-infrared camera cores offers real-time imaging capabilities in color or monochrome, from daylight to starlight in overcast conditions, within the visible and near-infrared spectrum.

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Nuclear Instrumentation

In the field of Nuclear Instrumentation, Photonis is a leader in the design and manufacture of neutron and gamma detectors for the nuclear industry. We have a unique detection technology that is compatible with different types of reactors, high levels of radiation, high external pressures, LOCA (Loss of Coolant Accident) and post-LOCA protections. For more than 50 years, the Photonis brand has played a critical role in nuclear power plant safety. Leveraging our expertise in nuclear instrumentation, we offer surveillance solutions for electricity production facilities, featuring an extensive range of neutron and gamma detectors specially designed and manufactured for the nuclear industry. These detectors are employed in various contexts, including nuclear power plants, fuel reprocessing facilities, waste storage monitoring, and nuclear research instrumentation.

Exosens - Nuclear Instrumentation
Exosens - Lifescience

Scientific Instrument

In the field of Scientific Instrumentation, Photonis delivers innovative detection and imaging solutions to scientists and researchers involved in space projects, scientific instruments, cell analysis, and material analysis applications. Photonis has a long-term partnership with industry leaders, researchers around the world, and space agencies like NASA and ESA. Thanks to these partnerships, Photonis has succeeded in creating innovative custom solutions to enhance performance in space qualified detectors, Mass Spectrometers, Residual Gas Analyzers and Surface Analyzers. Depending on the specific application, we offer innovative detectors and optical components for photons, electrons, ions, neutrons, and X-rays, enabling the detection, amplification, and/or imaging of low levels of light, radiation, and emissions. Photonis’ detection technology supports partners and researchers in observing behaviors of weather, solar winds, and auroras, categorizing solar flares, and discovering distant planets, gamma-ray bursts, black holes, and galaxies in addition to aiding in development and discovery within the fields of proteomics, metabolomics, and environmental analysis to name a few. Photonis is committed to extensive investments into Research and Development activities in order to provide industry partners with market leading detector solutions to support various applications.

Industrial & Non-Destructive Testing

In the field of Industrial and Non-Destructive Testing, Photonis presents advanced solutions tailored for semiconductor inspection. Our UV intensified cameras are renowned for their capability to deliver precise and high-resolution imaging, rendering them indispensable for the detection of even the most minuscule defects in semiconductor components. Photonis also provides solutions for addressing the critical concern of Corona discharge in Powergrid companies. The detection of Corona discharge, essential for inspecting high voltage equipment, employs various methods, including acoustic, thermal (IR), and UV detection. Leveraging our expertise in electro-optics and component coupling, Photonis offers OEMs an effective, plug-and-play solution that achieves the required levels of sensitivity. Photonis is also comminting to offer infrared spectral solutions across various markets and applications such as energy savings, reduced carbon emissions, greenhouse gas detection, and much more. Our infrared sensors, cores, and cameras, designed and sold under the Xenics brand, deliver unparalleled Electro-Optical performance and functionalities. 

Exosens - Industrial - NDT
Exosens - Microwave Amplifier technology

Power and Microwave

In the field of Power and Microwave, Photonis Defense develops and manufactures the highest quality, hybrid power amplifiers, combining both vacuum electron and solid-state technologies. Delivering superior performance and reliability, broader bandwidth and higher power-out than comparable completely solid-state devices. Photonis' products enable some of the world's most powerful and sophisticated electronic warfare jammers, missile systems, and weapon-system simulators as well as military- and commercial-satellite data communications devices.


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